Monday, September 1, 2008

art feeds the soul

Fong Kim Seng (an artist) from Alor Setar, Kedah, enjoyed himself immensely on Helen Kim's conceptional art. He finds deep pleasure and bring a smile to his face as he feeds on the imaginary touches

Fong Kim Seng was delighted with the work of Helen Kim. A photo shot with her for his album is more than an honor, it add to his collection of fond memory of her masterpieces

Patrick Lazak cruising with disbelieve on the serenity of the light and subdued shade of colour thrown by the lighting that matches the soft leather sofa

A view that one will yearn to have thier wall dominated by conceptive idea while is surrounded by day to day decision making in a rat race world

Helen Kim was honored by the support shown from Patrick Lazak, Lam Le Siang, Fong Kim Seng (artists) kian (art promoter) Lee (sculptor)

Sunday, August 31, 2008

a private dinner at my art gallery

Our old classmates come together once every 2~3 months. Last weekend we had a Malay Home Cook dinner for the gathering and it was delicious. What is on the menu?.... beef rendang, curry fish, mixed vegetable..... and my classmate's wives brought chicken in BBQ sauce and baked a lovely birthday cake for all the June, July and August babies!

it has often been said that " feeds the soul..."

Dora from Hong Kong

Class monitor checking the masterpieces with his wife

Daniel, youngest art enthusiast

Just before dinner was served, I gave a guided tour around the gallery and told them that Tun Dr Mahathir (former Prime Minister) officiated the opening of our art gallery. Everyone had their own opinions on the paintings. They were so shocked by a young emerging artist who displayed a 2 dimension artwork that cost RM50K! Most of them bedazzled by a Korean's conceptional art. It is not easy to comprehend unless one is an interlectual art enthusiast. After viewing all the paintings....dinner was served we are not on diet la....

everyone was busy.....makan...makan...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Christian Art Exhibition

ArtMalaysia was proud to presents its 1st Christian Art at Galeri Dunia Seni Lukis on 19th July 2008 and it was officiated by Pastor Ng Koon Seng - Glad Tidings Assembly Of God

All the participating artists were invited to the stage for prayer by Pastor Koon Seng

Pastor Koon Seng accompanied by his wife Sau Lan. Both listerning to artist Pastor Ken Seng sharing his works as I look on...

This is artist Ibu Wayan from Jakarta sharing her masterpieces on worship

"Pastor Koon Seng, I don't know how to tell you I'm soooo.. happy as a participant.."says artist Mary

Artist Lam explaining his art works...

Artist Lyn holding her breath as Pastor Koon Seng take a closer look

Pastor Koon Seng asked artist Gee, is this your painting?

On behalf of ArtMalaysia, Pastor Koon Seng...terima kasih banyak2

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ceramic Handwork

My hands is on my laptop 9-13 hours a day! Just can't take it, I decided to take a break at a potter's house. I paid RM55 to sit on the wheel and started kneading on wet clay. WOW! the sticky cold and soft feelings on my finger was nice. I also throw some punches on it. This is how I released my tension. My life is just like this wet clay in a potter's hands...just as I am....soft by nature, potential in everything, cold and selfish but can be easily form into any beautiful object as the potter wish. can I make my RM55 worth RM Million?! When I was a kid, I like to store sweet sugar cane juice into a vase and put it on my garden. I will wait for hours to watch ants crawling into the vase and it also attract butterfly & dragonfly too...ahah I've got an idea!

Since I've got time, I'll make a vase with dragonfly sipping sweeties on top of it. To make the vase with dirt ground color, I'll mix glaze potassium feldspar+silica+kaolin+calcium carbornate+zinc oxide. For max terracotta inlaid texture, I will put into a closed door furnance two times between 800C~1200C for 17~19 hours.

See my masterpieces -->

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dining in a Malay Home

I eat out most of the time. I'm easy with food but it must taste homecook. My colleague, Cik CT, invited me to dine at her house near Zoo Negara. She lives in a typical bangalo rumah melayu (Malay house) type. Those typical home build with half cement wall on the ground floor but with half wooden structure on the first floor and with zinc roof.

It's a big house and very beautifully decorated with strong rumah melayu ambience. They don't have modern IKEA sofa. The cupboard in her living room are those '60s design and some paintings hanging on the wooden wall are of old & black woody frame. There is a long carpet in the living room. That's where I sat and dinner was served!

We all have different taste bud. Cik CT's family would be delighted to welcome your reservations.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A friend in need, is a friend indeed

Just two days before my artist friends arrive with their paintings. My personal assistance met a motorbike accident on a rainy day. He twisted his left foot and was in great pain. I'm so glad that AP came to help me at my art gallery. Though it was his first time working in an art gallery, we managed to hang 61 pieces of art! Some of the paintings were huge and heavy with glass frame

AP being a diver had so much energy to climb up and down the ladder as he hang the paintings and also helped to adjust 61 spotlights. We resumed work immediately after lunch and dinner without even taking a break. We worked tirelessly and there wasn't a word of complaint from him. Even his friends called him on his cellphone, he declined to meet with them as he was committed to get the art gallery ready! He was with me right to the end

AP.....terima kasih banyak2

Exhausted Artists

Look at the faces of these artists. They're like "birds of the same feather, flocks together" There is no chair in the gallery for them to sit. As soon as the guest of honor officially launched their masterpieces, they took the lead to share their spiritual imagery idiom on canvases to art lovers. It's normal when someone share their testimony on their experiences with God. But it's awesome how an artist exhibit the value of knowing God through art..... it's really worth the effort to view their paintings

These artists are from Indonesia and Philippine. You don't need to understand Bahasa Indonesia or Tagalog. Their art paints a thousand words....